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United States District Court of Massachusetts, United States District Court of Connecticut & the State Court of Massachusetts


"Excellent service. Highly recommend!
John is an expert negotiator, who was incredibly helpful providing a great orientation of my options and reaching a peaceful settlement outside of court."

"John has a calm, professional demeanor. He carries a wealth of knowledge and experience. He problem solves and explains, the different aspects of the case, clearly and concisely. He accomplishes his tasks in a methodical and timely manner. He Is Greatly Appreciated."

"Life saver!
John was incredibly helpful in reaching a peaceful settlement outside of court. He’s an expert negotiator and an outstanding guy. Highly recommend"

"Excellent Lawyer. Attorney Tatoian was extremely receptive to my phone call, very polite, asked questions, and most importantly listened. He was able to answer my student loan debt questions within minutes. He spoke with the other attorneys In the case, got to the bottom of the issue and was able to resolve it in under 24 hours. I was extremely stressed before speaking with him, he reassured me and the next day everything was resolved in my favor. If you or somebody that you know has concerns regarding student loan debt, private student loan debt, this is the person I would be reaching out to for assistance he is extremely knowledgeable and again solved my problem within 24 hours. He is an honest, good lawyer and very down to earth . I now have no stress thanks to him and as we all know student loan debt in any capacity can be very frustrating and stressful and this not my field of expertise I was grateful for his assistance. Very realistic rates and seemed more concerned with solving my problem then getting a check this to me speaks volumes about his character. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!!!"

"A+ Attorney
If you’re in need of a good attorney you should get in touch with John. I needed an attorney to resolve old credit card debt. After I agreed to have him represent me he made a settlement with them the same day. I would highly recommend you get in touch with John if you have any legal problems."

"Great Attorney! He will always call you back!
I hired Atty Tatoian to help with an old debt and some overly aggressive collectors. Once he got involved, the situation improved dramatically! The best thing about John, he always calls you back in a timely fashion. He is extremely professional, and courteous, and a great individual to work with."

"The Legal Equalizer
Attorney Tatoian is simply amazing. I called a few dozen attorneys to get help with a big car company warranty issue. Most attorneys seem to only want the easy slip & fall/vehicle accident money and not have to do multi-state litigation. Finally finding Attorney Tatoian was like finding the lawyer version of The Equalizer! He was relentless in his pursuit to equitably resolve my case. Atty Tatoian was there to tirelessly fight for me when all seemed hopeless in my fight against the car giant."

"Highly recommend John's advice and expertise
John patiently listened to my case and was very helpful. He covered various options, each of its advantages and disadvantages thoroughly, and their possible outcomes. He was understanding of my story yet spoke candidly of what I am dealing with. I was so thankful to get his advice and wisdom on how to handle this stressful situation. John's consultation left me with a much better, concrete idea on the steps to take moving forward."

"Absolutely FIRST CLASS!
I met Attorney John Tatoian by happenstance when he heard that I was in trouble with a breach of contact/consumer case in south Florida. Although that’s not his practice area, geographically speaking, he was kind enough to offer his time and expertise to render an opinion. John spent at least a half an hour of his afternoon reviewing my case. He’s quick, intuitive, asks the right questions, is always at least a step ahead - just really brilliant. The man totally “gets it”. I was amazed at how he was able to analyze the situation and break it down so simply. I’ll be honest, it takes a lot to impress me. Attorney John Tatoian is mighty impressive! John has a natural curiosity about everything around him. He seems to want to know how and why everything works the way it does, and what motivates people to do what they do. I think this inquisitiveness is part of what makes him so darned good at what he does. Clearly a generous man as well, he gave freely of his time and expertise to a stranger in need. To me, this demonstrates that John values the person behind the case, not just the wallet. He mentioned during our chat that he has a fascination for people; it shows! John gave me a wealth of good advice in the time he spent on the phone with me. He then went the extra mile to search out a good match for an attorney in my area to whom he referred me for additional guidance. Far, far above and beyond my expectations! If AVVO had ten stars, I’d give Attorney John Tatoian twelve. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s that good. Thank you, John. Thank you so much!"

If john isn't representing you , you need to fire your current lawyer & hire john , he has done everything beyond my expectations, he answered any and all questions that i had, & didn't just say what i wanted to hear, he is the best lawyer in all Massachusetts!!!! He answered all my calls & texts, I'm telling you NOW , There is no need to search for lawyers anymore, HE IS THE GUY TO HIRE !!! Don't waste anymore time looking , call him and ask your questions, I GUARANTEE YOU, in the first 5 minutes of speaking to him you WILL hire him!!!, STOP YOUR SEARCH!!!"

"Best lawyer around
Had a problem with the lemon law issue from a used car sales man. He saved us from going to court and forced the man to take the car back for the full amount that we paid for."

"Helped me out of a jam!
I was quite stressed over an old debt that was acquired by an aggressive collector. The first lawyer I approached could only see filing for bankruptcy as an out. John Tatoian took charge of the matter and quickly brought the collector to heel with a reasonable settlement. Thank You!"

I had a previous lawyer who literally took my money to help me get divorced and ran with it. For months he pretended to work on my case, asked for more money, and then he relocated. Worst of all he filed for bankruptcy and I was never divorced. Over a year ago, I met John and he took it upon himself to fight for justice. If this conniving lawyer had done it to me, how many other middle class working individuals had he con? John's expertise, true passion, and commitment was never in question especially as the lawyers bar association decided to suspend the other man from practicing law. It was nerve wrecking at first to believe and trust another lawyer, but John changed my outlook on lawyers. There are some "good" lawyers that DO care...so you BETTER CALL JOHN!"

"don't settle for less... get the best
I've been stressing about a legal problems that I was having I will refer to Mr Tatoian by a mutual friend Mr Tatoian immediately took charge of the case his knowledge professionalism and passion for his work put him above beyond the rest of the lawyers his one on one approach to his clients and his work further elevates him above and beyond any other lawyer"

"Best Lawyer Ever
John, took charge of negotiating a settlement that "A settlement company" couldn't even help me with. He took charge of my case and was able to help me get out of debt. This my second I have seek Attorney John's Services and I have been impressed with his ability and professional expertise to help his clients pleased. John was understanding and very sincere with his fees and worked harmoniously to render my fees. I will continue to recommend John at all times. He is the best of the best out there... Thank you John."

"credit card debt problems
I went on line looking for a reputable attorney that could help me with credit card problems. I read all the reviews on attorney Tatoian and decided to give him a call. he immediately took my call and we set up an appointment. he is very knowledgeable in debt collection and he laid out all my options. one collection agency had been sending letters and contacting family members. the other agency had sent me a summons . I decided the best option for me would be to try and make a settlement with these companies. Attorney Tatoian did a great job on negotiating both credit card debts. he kept me informed throughout the process and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Attorney Tatoian."

"Attorney John Tatoian helped me recover a loan after a long, difficult, relationship dissolution. His manner, both compassionate and insightful, helped to separate the trees from the forest. He was accessible and responsive to any concerns or questions. John's natural ability to explain legal issues, his professionalism and high sense of ethical reasoning, helped to quickly expedite the matter. I would highly recommend John Tatoian to others who need legal help. "

"My wife and I used John to assist us with an automobile repossession that was done illegally. John was professional and responsive and never gave up on the case. The end result was positive and I would recommend John T to anyone who has been wronged regarding collections activity."

"Attorney Tatoian demonstrated a strong understanding of human nature and the laws pertaining to the case to proactively take action before the court date to ensure a favorable outcome to my situation. Tell him what you want and he will discuss options to achieve your needs!!!!! "

"Mr. Tatoian has done a great job helping me with a small claim against me for a disputed amount on my credit card. He has saved me an enormous amount of time and money. His fees are more than reasonable while his efforts are more than satisfactory."

"Attorney John A Tatoian's high ethical practice standards and client responsiveness proved to be a welcome relief to this clients expectations. Mr. Tatoian's apparent lack of lawyer 'ego' allowed for constructive and informative client/lawyer conversations.

Attorney John A Tatoian's 'Zen-like" approach to my case, in which simplicity is both a goal and legal approach, allowed for less opportunities for either side to complicate terms, conditions or expectations. This approach is welcome to a client familiar with the all-too-common practice of lawyers, businesses, etc to intentionally 'complicate' issues to provide more revenue, more time, more distraction."

"John helped me settle 2 debt situations with credit cards.there were many legal issues that involved a lien on my house. John was able to settle for a lot less than I thought it could be done. Lien is off of the house and the debts have been settled. I was able to avoid court. Greatful that a found him."

"We primarily handle unsecured loans. John is always responsive and on top of filing our suits and following through for collection. To date we are very pleased with the way John handles our suits."

"While under the care of a doctor, and suffering from depression, I was named in a civil lawsuit. The suit added even more worry to an already devastating situation. In two weeks time John put me at ease and explained the process and my defense step by step. His kindness and caring was really like therapy and allowed me move forward. A true professional."

"I was referred to Attorney Tatoian by a mutual friend to clarify an ethical issue with my current lawyer, Frank Saia Esq. Attorney Tatoian discovered, much to my dismay, that Attorney Saia had been publicly reprimanded 2 times by the Board of Bar Overseers & had been once admonished. Attorney Tatoian also discovered Attorney Saia was attempting to charge me monies which I did not bargain for. Attorney Tatoian was even keeled, calm, peaceful, honest & 100% ethical in his dealings with Attorney Saia, who had been arrogant, abusive, insulting & unethical in his dealings with me. Attorney Tatoian's skill & calm demeanor diffused a potentially very explosive situation & put my mind at ease, always keeping MY best interest in mind. I would highly recommend this Super Lawyer to anyone needing legal attention."