John Tatoian
Attorney & Counselor At Law
150 Harbour Close
Unit 306
 New Haven CT 06519 

Worldwide Cell:(860) 490-4138

United States District Court of Massachusetts, United States District Court of Connecticut & the State Court of Massachusetts


"Attorney John Tatoian helped me recover a loan after a long, difficult, relationship dissolution. His manner, both compassionate and insightful, helped to separate the trees from the forest. He was accessible and responsive to any concerns or questions. John's natural ability to explain legal issues, his professionalism and high sense of ethical reasoning, helped to quickly expedite the matter. I would highly recommend John Tatoian to others who need legal help. "

"My wife and I used John to assist us with an automobile reposession that was done illegally. John was professional and responsive and never gave up on the case. The end result was positive and I would recommend John T to anyone who has been wronged regarding collections activity."

"Attorney Tatoian demonstrated a strong understanding of human nature and the laws pertaining to the case to proactively take action before the court date to ensure a favorable outcome to my situation. Tell him what you want and he will discuss options to achieve your needs!!!!! "

"Mr. Tatoian has done a great job helping me with a small claim against me for a disputed amount on my credit card. He has saved me an enormous amount of time and money. His fees are more than reasonable while his efforts are more than satisfactory."

"Attorney John A Tatoian's high ethical practice standards and client responsiveness prooved to be a welcome relief to this clients expectations. Mr. Tatoian's apparent lack of lawyer 'ego' allowed for constructive and informative client/lawyer conversations.

Attorney John A Tatoian's 'Zen-like" approach to my case, in which simplicity is both a goal and legal approach, allowed for less opportunities for either side to complicate terms, conditions or expectations. This approach is welcome to a client familiar with the all-too-common practice of lawyers, businesses, etc to intentionally 'complicate' issues to provide more revenue, more time, more distraction."

"John helped me settle 2 debt situations with credit cards.there were many legal issues that involved a lien on my house. John was able to settle for a lot less than I thought it could be done. Lien is off of the house and the debts have been settled. I was able to avoid court. Greatful that a found him."

"We primarily handle unsecured loans. John is always responsive and on top of filing our suits and following through for collection. To date we are very pleased with the way John handles our suits."

"While under the care of a doctor, and suffering from depression, I was named in a civil lawsuit. The suit added even more worry to an already devestating situation. In two weeks time John put me at ease and explained the process and my defense step by step. His kindness and caring was really like therapy and allowed me move forward. A true professional."

"I was referred to Attorney Tatoian by a mutual friend to clarify an ethical issue with my current lawyer, Frank Saia Esq. Attorney Tatoian discovered, much to my dismay, that Attorney Saia had been publicly reprimanded 2 times by the Board of Bar Overseers & had been once admonished. Attorney Tatoian also discovered Attorney Saia was attempting to charge me monies which I did not bargain for. Attorney Tatoian was even keeled, calm, peaceful, honest & 100% ethical in his dealings with Attorney Saia, who had been arrogant, abusive, insulting & unethical in his dealings with me. Attorney Tatoian's skill & calm demeanor diffused a potentially very explosive situation & put my mind at ease, always keeping MY best interest in mind. I would highly recommend this Super Lawyer to anyone needing legal attention."