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John Tatoian Law is a solo firm founded and run by Attorney John A. Tatoian. He is the president of John Tatoian Enterprises (JTE) that owns JPT Holdings LLC, the Worldwide Asset Group (WAG), Tatoian Global Media LLC, and the Law Office of John A. Tatoian Esq. He was also the former CEO and Chairman of BG Acquisitions LLC.

Attorney John A. Tatoian has successfully litigated and prosecuted cases in the areas of:

  • Debtor-Creditor Rights (successfully winning as lead Plaintiff a class action settlement in an FDCPA claim against Transworld Systems and initiating the drafting of legislation involving assignment of judgment procedure in Connecticut).
  • Professional Responsibility (successfully obtaining reprimands to suspensions to disbarments of various attorneys).
  • Legal Malpractice & Ethics Issues (successfully winning a dismissal in a Bar Discipline matter involving the complex issue of whether an assignment of judgment constituted the Unauthorized Practice of Law),
  • Commercial & Consumer Collection Matters.

In addition to that, he has successfully drafted motions ranging a broad spectrum of matters from search & seizure to transferee liability of a business enterprise to the separate entity doctrine, successfully trumping such adversaries as Chase Bank N.A., Town of Enfield (an FOI claim where he successfully argued the proposition that the FDDPA does not prevent disclosure of municipal property assessments, being quoted in the press as saying “I will not give an economic benefit to stupidity”) & International Paper Co. Inc.

He is generally regarded as a maverick businessman and attorney and has a 5-star client review rating on Avvo.com doing an extensive amount of pro bono work, particularly for abused or abandoned animals (being the original Plaintiff in an action against a dog breeder based upon a violation of the Federal Magnuson Moss Act, ultimately resulting in a successful settlement).

Attorney Tatoian also does civil fraud litigation, most recently prosecuting and winning judgments (one in the six figures) against Defendants involved in a complex Letter of Credit scam spanning 4 jurisdictions & multiple defendants. He has further acted as a consultant go-to for both major Hollywood & independent producers & production companies.

Additionally, he has created and controlled multiple business entities via JTE, such as GTH Enterprises, ACR Systems, ACR Enterprises, Worldwide Asset Group, Worldwide Asset Trust, KLX Acquisition Trust & JPT Holdings. His company, JTE, has either financed or facilitated the financing of restaurants, medical facilities, real estate enterprises, law firms, lawsuits, financial trading companies, gas stations & convenience stores, entertainment companies, collection companies & catering companies.

Currently, his companies include John Tatoian Enterprises, the Worldwide Asset Group (which has consummated the purchase of over 200 intangible assets), Tatoian Global Media LLC, Tatoian & Associates, the Law Office of John A. Tatoian Esq & JPT Holdings LLC, which holds minority interests in various funds, public companies & ETF’s.

He controls 100% of John Tatoian Enterprises, the umbrella entity. Most recently, his company, John Tatoian Enterprises, facilitated financing for the production of “Bathtub Chronicles,” which has won dozens of awards internationally. He also was instrumental in facilitating “Dangerous” with Mel Gibson and financing a music production entitled “For You I’d Break the Rules” performed by Lara Lafferty.

His company, Tatoian Global Media, is currently producing “No Country Without Horses” with Galloping Entertainment & developing various music & filmed entertainment projects. His company is dedicated to providing opportunities to various entrepreneurs & to the care & comfort of abused or abandoned animals. Feel free to contact the office of John Tatoian Law for all your legal matters.

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